Unhealthy Health Food

It can be frustrating trying to figure out if a so-called “health food” is truly healthy food. Even if you think you’re making health-conscious choices, you may be surprised to see what has been secretly added to your meals. A great way to determine if a food is secretly unhealthy Read more…

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Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into IT Character ‘Pennywise’

An amazing video of a makeup artist turning herself into the character ‘Pennywise’, from the newest Stephen King adaptation movie ‘IT’.The video, filmed in Belgium on October 1, features youtuber Ophélie Simple Symphony, who regularly produces body art, turning herself into different fictional characters. Content from Newsflare.

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Road to Bonneville on the Spirit of Munro

We track Munro and the Indian team’s progress from the first time the bike was unloaded at El Mirage to his final licensing run, which also set a new record in preparation for Bonneville Speed Week August 11-14. (Part 3 of 4)

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