As televisions are becoming cheaper and bigger, more and more flat screen TVs are finding themselves thrown out on junk piles. This YouTuber from Australia, Jacob Strickling, the creator of ‘Make Science Fun’ has found a way to repurpose the TVs into backlit picture frames. Once dismantled, the Perspex screen is cut into the wanted size. Cheap Led lighting is hot glued around the edges. This light which passes through the Perspex is reflected sideways by the hundreds of little white dots printed on the back of the Perspex. The translucent sheet, also from the tv is cut to size and glued to the Perspex, which then helps diffuse the light evenly. The picture is then glued on and the timber frame added which was made from a discarded cedar venetian blind. Finally a piece of opaque white backing (also from the tv) is glued to the back. A 32 inch tv has about enough material to make twenty of these picture frames or light boxes. Content from Newsflare.

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